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Black & White Paintings | Robbie Williams x Ed Godrich

Apr 28, 2022
Black & White Paintings | Robbie Williams x Ed Godrich

In this exclusive film for Sotheby’s, singer songwriter Robbie Williams and his friend and creative collaborator, Ed Godrich have invited us into their artist studio, where we see their large-scale black and white paintings in the making. Together the two have formed a unique artistic partnership and have been creating original art together for the past five years. In this film we learn about their artistic inspiration that started with Banksy and the 1990s rave and music scene. We hear about their own view of themselves as artists and their unique creative process ahead of a dedicated selling exhibition at Sotheby’s this May.

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originally published at Art - Trend Magazine

This news story originally appeared at Art - Trend Magazine on 28 April 2022