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BTS leader RM having positive impact on art industry

May 6, 2022
BTS leader RM having positive impact on art industry

미술애호가 RM 미술관 방문하며 통큰 기부까지, 그가끼치는 선한 영향력 APK

Autumn is usually the season when many of us want to take in some museums and art galleries.
A member of BTS ‘RM’ is also known to spend his leisure time doing the same.
His interest in art is also encouraging K-pop fans to flock to local art museums.
Kim Bo-kyoung shows us some of the places RM has been and what influence he has had.
Chang Ucchin Museum of Art in the city of Yangju, Gyeonggi-do Province.
This is the place where RM the leader of BTS, visited recently to enjoy the autumn breeze.
The works of the contemporary artist Chang Ucchin, which show the beauty of nature, seemed to mesmerize RM, who then shared them on social media.
“This painting titled ‘An Animal Family’ is the one RM posted to the BTS Twitter account. Chang Ucchin originally drew it on the wall of his art studio, and that wall was removed and donated to the museum.”
More visitors are dropping by the museum after this tweet,… and the painting’s souvenirs are selling well.
The spot at the front of the museum’s grounds, where RM took pictures, has become so popular that staff have even put up a sign.
The director says K-pop star’s visit is having positive influence on the art industry.
“I believe the paradigm of how national and public cultural facilities are enjoyed is changing. On top of just studying and collecting works of art, it has become a place of entertainment where people can relax.”
RM has been to several other exhibitions too most of them at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
One of which was the exhibition of ‘Lee Seungjo: Advancing Columns’ in the city of Gwacheon where 90 paintings are on display.
Lots of visitors can be seen standing in front of the artwork where RM took pictures.
“I came to take a picture the same as RM’s and make it my profile picture.”
Through his agency, RM even made a donation worth around 90-thousand U.S. dollars to the MMCA so that out-of-print exhibition catalogues can be republished.
“We have republished four-thousand books and donated to public libraries nationwide as well as schools that are far away from the city for the students who are unable to come to see the art in person.”
RM himself said… he finds comfort and takes inspiration from art. Experts wish more people could also feel the delight that art brings.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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