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Is Fractional Art Investing the Future of the Market? Or a Scam?

May 10, 2022
Is Fractional Art Investing the Future of the Market? Or a Scam?

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So want to buy a Picasso? No, it’s too expensive. Want to buy a teensy-weensy, tiny little microscopic flack of a Picasso? That sounds better, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, that kind of sales pitch is actually gaining traction in a big way. In the wild world of fractional art sales, where massive new startup companies are buying up the bluest of blue chip art, think Basquiat, Joan Mitchell and Ed Ruscha, and selling what are essentially shares in these pieces to speculative investors.

It’s rapidly becoming a big business. But what you do you actually get if you buy a share in a painting, how does it work and what is it really worth? Artnet News, Senior Reporter, Katya Kazakina, author of the incredible Art Detective column joins this episode to talk about her new in-depth report on fractional art funds for the spring edition of the Artnet News Pro Intelligence Report, which just dropped last week.

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