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March 16, 2018 BidAmount News Letter Chinese Art Auction Results

May 25, 2022
March 16, 2018 BidAmount News Letter Chinese Art Auction Results

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About this channel.
Regular weekly and bi-weekly videos from Peter Combs and Bidamount about Asian art and the auction market. With an emphasis on fine art, auction news, and art news from numerous auction houses and online auction venues. These videos focus extensively on the Chinese art market and the Japanese art market. Other videos cover the topics of understanding and identifying authentic Chinese porcelain, Chinese bronze as well as information about the history of Chinese and Asian art. Visit Bidamount.com to learn more, join the ASIAN ART Forum and take advantage of the reference library filled with hundreds of auction catalogs and reference books on Fine Art, current art value by category, and links to museum collections. Last week’s eBay auction results and a look ahead at next week’s items. Including fine Ming, Kangxi Qianlong and later Qing paintings. Also some good bronzes as well as several good pieces of early Japanese porcelain.

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Information on how to identify authentic Chinese porcelain, bronzes, jades as well as other categories of Asian art. FREE Weekly News Letter catalog page on Bidamount.com of hand-picked authentic Chinese antiques. Antique auction news and weekly fine art market reports each week from around the world by Bidamount News. New videos every week.

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