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The Value of Art | Episode 1: Authenticity

May 1, 2022
The Value of Art | Episode 1: Authenticity

“Authenticity is the soul of the object,” says Chinese works of art expert Nicolas Chow, adding “Anything that is worth something is worth being faked.” In Episode 1, see how Chow and other Sotheby’s specialists identify the true originals. Sometimes consulting an artist’s catalogue raisonné is enough to affirm authenticity, but other pieces require sleuthing for clues that only a seasoned expert would think to sniff out – sometimes quite literally. Specialists in this episode: Nate Borgelt, Nicolas Chow, Frances Christie, Julian Dawes, Frank Everett, Selby Kiffer, Meredith Kirk, Courtney Kremers, Connor Kriegel, Mee-Seen Loong, Michael Macaulay, Yamini Mehta, Jonquil O’Reilly and Edoardo Roberti.

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