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ASHI STUDIO Haute Couture Spring 2022 Paris – Fashion Channel

May 3, 2022

ASHI STUDIO Haute Couture Spring 2022 Paris – Fashion Channel

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Seemingly taking inspiration from a flower-laced memory of romance, Ashi Studio’s spring/summer 2022 collection echoes the beauty of a secret garden, replete with hyacinths, jasmines, magnolias, violets, lilies, and roses.

Sculpted to portray the delicate petals of blooms, the pieces in the display also come in a range of nature-inspired hues, starting with stark whites, cascading into powder pinks, earthy grays, and finally, charcoal black, all with a dose of rich scarlet thrown in for good measure.

The creations from “Heaven Scent” spotlight impeccable craftsmanship, evident in the light-as-air pleated pieces, dreamy feather-detailed fluttering blouses and grandiose layered gowns, all of which command attention in solid washes of color.

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