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Designer to the stars Giambattista Valli shows off his latest collection in Paris

May 20, 2022

(12 Aug 2013) SHOTLIST(including transcript):-
SOUND DOWN VS Giambattista Valli catwalk show VOICEOVER: Now, a designer loved by Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson and non-Jessica Victoria Beckham. It’s artistic Italian Giambattista Valli, who is famous for creating stunning red carpet moments for gorgeous starlets.
SOUND UP VS catwalk
SOUND DOWN VS catwalk VOICEOVER: This is one of Valli’s strongest haute couture shows to date, and elderly socialites love its romantic floral femininity.
SOT Giambattista Valli, Designer: “Flowers is part of my things. It’s what I think my customers really adore from me.”
SOT Lee Radziwill: “I love him, and I love his clothes. ”
SOT Becca Cason Thrash: Reporter: “Are you wearing Valli?” Becca Cason Thrash: “I am, I am wearing Valli.”
SOT Lee Radziwill: “I can’t compare anyone to Giambattista for myself.”
SOT Giambattista Valli, Designer: “There are other people that do more S&M; there’s other people� you know, everybody has his own style. Mine – it’s very romantic.”
SOUND UP VS catwalk
SOUND DOWN VS catwalk VOICEOVER:Valli named the four parts of his collection after Europe’s most famous porcelain manufacturers and sent wafting goddesses out onto the catwalk.
SOUND UP VS catwalk
SOUND DOWN WS Valli Bravo VOICEOVER: Signor Valli! One of his beautiful creations will only cost you a few thousand dollars, so get one� now.

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