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ULYANA SERGEENKO Haute Couture Spring 2021 Paris – Fashion Channel

May 18, 2022

ULYANA SERGEENKO Haute Couture Spring 2021 Paris – Fashion Channel

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Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021 Collection: the beginning of this year, marking the fashion house’s ten-year anniversary, is celebrated by Ulyana Sergeenko Couture’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

Inspired by the image of the most famous Russian actress of silent films, Vera Kholodnaya, the collection tells the story of a heroine of a new era: bohemian and romantic, strong and brave, and unflappably elegant.

This season, the fashion house is working together with numerous Russian traditional craftsmen: crystal details for clothing and accessories were created at the Gus Khrustalny factory, the miniature enamels for suits were painted by the artists at Rostov Finift, the lace elements for eveningwear were concocted by master craftswomen from Yelets and the Kadomsky Venice factory, the geometric ornaments were embroidered by Krestetskaya Stitch and the clutches were hand-craved from wood.

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