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Day 2 – Lila Nikole Collection. Miami Swim Week

Jul 25, 2021

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Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion Day 2. 

24Fashion TV Exclusive: 

Lila Nikole Collection

Lila Nikole Collection closed the first show of the night with swim/resort-wear styles full of funky prints and flashy designs for men and women. The Carnivale has hit the runway! We saw an outfit that would win in Rio and that did make an even bigger splash on the runway. The collection presented by Lila Nikole was more practical than the Carnivale dress, but featured flowers and bright colors, with some outfits looking like an 8-bit video graphic from the retro gaming era. Many flowers and colorful and decadent leopard prints ruled the runway. A wonderful ensemble was presented by Lila Nikole. We cannot wait to see more from her!