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OPERASPORT AW24 during Copenhagen Fashion Week

Feb 14, 2024
OPERASPORT AW24 during Copenhagen Fashion Week

OPERASPORT Fall-Winter 2024 COLLECTION at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Bridging the Parisian way of integrating classic and contemporary styles with the sporty edge of Copenhagen, OpraSport is ensuring relevance and timelessness throughout. Elegant yet sporty, luxurious yet affordable, sustainable yet sexy. A responsible mindset reflects the production to only cover recycled or organic fabrics and a production volume that continuously reflects the demand; To create and produce responsible and relevant clothing without compromising design and aesthetics.

At OpraSport we try to minimize our footprint on the global CO2 emissions by producing in the most responsible ways. From the very first collection all fabrics besides cotton have been created from industrial waste. This includes both silk, wool, polyester, and cotton. If our cotton is not also recycled it is organic and GOTS certified. All our collections are made to order, which means that we only produce the quantities our customers have ordered and what we believe our webshop can generate. Therefore, no access stock will be produced to minimize overproduction. It is essential for us that our factories also take social responsibility. Consequently, we only work with factories that are GOTS, BSCI and WRAP certified to secure fair wages and requirements to its employees.

Runway Looks

24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 001 1707998898 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 002 1707998902 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 003 1707998905 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 004 1707998908 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 005 1707998911 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 006 1707998914 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 007 1707998916 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 008 1707998919 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 009 1707998921 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 010 1707998924 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 011 1707998927 jpg24Fashion TV OperaSport AW24 012 1707998930 jpg

Photo: Press OperaSport

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