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AMOMENTO AW 2024 during Paris Fashion Week

Jan 20, 2024
AMOMENTO AW 2024 during Paris Fashion Week


Amidst 24PF Paris fashion week, AMOMENTO unveiled its 24' Fall-Winter Collection at 'Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire,' a distinguished gallery nestled in the heart of Le Marais, Paris. On 16th January 2024, the Seoul based RTW house staged a live performance for mens and womens collection, captivating the attention of fashion industrys global opinion leaders not only limited to creative directors, buyers and press teams.

The season concept was drawn from ordinary practices performed within a room, where individuals are their most comfortable selves, the room translates into a most liberating canvas for personal expression. The 260 square meter space that spans 2 floors were filled with homelike installations that capture the elements that make up an individual. The scenography was designed by Isabella Killoran, an artist based in Barcelona. Models dressed in 24PF pieces executed a live performance in the central installation zone, extending their walking to the rez-de-chausse where intricate details of the garments could be seen up close under the natural lighting pouring in from the glass ceiling. 

The presentation spanned over two immersive hours and featuring two rounds of performance, epitomized the brand's commitment to minimalism and visual storytelling. AMOMENTO successfully etched its mark on the global fashion stage, leaving a lasting impression on its discerning audience.

In the emergence of Korean fashion brands in the global fashion frontier, AMOMENTO stands out as one of the select few brands presenting at Paris Fashion Week. Noteworthy to keep an eye out for their next PS24 season release in February. 


AMOMENTO is a Men and Womens ready-to-wear brand based in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea. Established in 2016, the brand is synonymous with timeless classics characterized by restrained details and constructed silhouettes. Focusing on in-house textile development and sophisticated details, AMOMENTO creates garments that are easy to wear, suitable for a capsule wardrobe. Their collection starts from the designers philosophy and moments from personal experiences. Sometimes these moments change the shape and direction of life.

We do not remember days.

We remember moments. 


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