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Vain SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Aug 17, 2023
Vain SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Vain SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

VAIN is an interdisciplinary Finnish fashion label, founded by Creative Director Jimi Vain and CEO Roope Reinola, that has in its short span of existence gathered a cult-like following.

VAIN and its story is a testament to the very nature of what it means to be creative in the Digital Age. Subtle cultural references and extreme attention to detail are the defining hallmarks of VAIN. In an ever more technocratic world, its sometimes easy to forget that what brings us together as humans is the love we have, and VAIN is all about love.

The VAIN SS24 Social Avoidance collection reflects Creative Director Jimi Vains mind amidst a turbulent world.

With the pandemic, war, inflation, an energy crisis and depression as a backdrop, design can become a means of processing this emotional tumult.

The VAIN SS24 collection weaves together elements from diverse subcultures, infusing silhouettes with haunting glimpses of designer Jimi Vain s nightmares and the poignant essence of Finnish melancholy and anxiety. Amidst a world in disarray, the collection provides a sanctuary for channelling emotions and finding clarity through craft. In the heart of chaos, VAIN SS24 emerges as a testament to resilience and adaptation. Each meticulously crafted piece invites viewers and wearers to embrace the world's turbulence while discovering inner harmony.

When I started designing the VAIN SS24 collection, I was in a knot with my thoughts, it felt like everything was chaos. A pandemic, war, inflation, energy crisis and depression raged outside. The safe world the naive child was born into had changed, designer Jimi Vain says. When the whole world goes into overdrive, I go with it. Because everything else felt like chaos, I started to live more and more in my own world and forget everything else. To be able to live with it, I had to adapt to it and find those beautiful things in the heart of chaos.

VAIN has been making a name for itself through viral collaborative projects, such as a recent collaboration with McDonald's upcycling their old work uniforms into a fashion collection, which reached over 200 million people on social media and garnered over 800 articles written worldwide. VAIN's FW23 debut collection 'NU-RMO' was presented at Pitti Uomo 103 in January 2023.

Runway looks

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