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Hannah Hummel Explores Leipzig | Saxony’s Biggest City is a Center of the International Art Scene

May 13, 2022

Destination Culture: Hannah Hummel is on tour in the city of Leipzig. She visits art highlights such as the Cotton Mill, a former industrial site, which has become a creative hub in the city. In Mutzschen, she meets an American entrepreneur who has turned a baroque castle into a biker hangout. In Torgau, a photographer shows her the best photo spots in Hartenfels Castle, famed for its spiral staircase.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Leipzig city tour
01:15 Baumwollspinnerei or Cotton Mill
01:49 Painter Jochen Plogsties
02:44 Art-world superstar Neo Rauch
05:01 Eigen+Art gallery, ASPN gallery, gallerist Arne Linde
07:30 History of the Cotton Mill
09:15 Baroque castle in Mutzschen, Biker Hangout “MotoSoul”
13:40 Artist’s Farmyard Prösitz
19:30 Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, photographer Daniel Köhler
23:23 Immersive art at the Kunstkraftwerk

The Destination Culture series was produced in summer 2021 in compliance with the COVID regulations in place at that time.
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