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Skate’s Art Industry Hangouts Episode 4: Online Art Auctions

Jun 4, 2022
Skate’s Art Industry Hangouts Episode 4: Online Art Auctions

Skate’s is running a series of Art Industry Hangouts with art market experts, covering a range of topics and using the technology provided to us by Google with its recent Hangouts feature.

The fourth episode is focused on online art auctions. During the recent years there was an increasing attention towards online auction sales, performed by established brick and mortar auction houses adding virtual option to the existing model or newcomers focusing specifically on the innovative way of conducting sales.

The current Skate’s Hangout addresses the leading players of online auction trading from around the world, discussing the current state of this challenging area, this best ways of entering and operating in this business and opportunities related to the current and emerging collectors.

Moderator: Pierre Naquin, the founder of art media agency A&F Markets

Participants: Christiane Herzhauser, VP of corporate communications of Auctionata, Stephan Ludwig, Executive Chairman of Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions and Noble Investments and Alexander Gilkes, Co-Founder of Paddle8

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq7Yns8d3mI

originally published at Art - Trend Magazine