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Vince Camuto’s Fairytale Estate and Storybook Collection | Christie’s

May 17, 2022

In 1984, shoe designer Vince Camuto created his own fairytale by purchasing Chateau Ridge, a neglected estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, and converting it into one of the most eclectic and intelligently curated properties on the East Coast.

Together with architect and designer Anthony Ingrao, Camuto spent five years turning every space at the chateau into a distinct world — from a great hall adorned with fibre-optic stars reflecting the constellation on Camuto’s birthday to a ‘hall of mirrors’ dressing room decorated in gold leaf — and filling its interiors with the finest art and furniture.

According to the late designer’s wife, Louise Camuto, ‘Vince was really interested in telling a story. When you go into the English room, it’s all about 18th-century English [design], and when you go into the living room it’s Italian Renaissance. As you walk throughout the house, each room has a story but they weave perfectly together.’

To assemble the collection, the pair travelled to Paris, Florence, Rome and London, and ‘scoured the auction houses for the best and the finest things that they could find,’ Louise Camuto says. ‘They had sort of kindred spirits.’

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