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Aniye By Presented SS22 Collection for MFW – 2021 – 24Fashion TV News Article

Oct 20, 2023

Fluid and lively movement. To the rhythm of music. That music that gets into your blood. Pure energy. A sensual wave that starts from Korean K Pop. A modern and powerful pop, which spreads, contaminates and conquers the underground streets of New York. This is Aniye By: a strong musical DNA and attention on those icons that still today are able with their energy to tattoo the rock rhythm on our skin. Eclectic femininity, always in transformation.

Aniye By SS22 Collection 

The Aniye By woman knows how to flaunt, to shout her sexy-rock side, her powerful look. She wants to conquer and conquers. She gets right to the point without compromising. The hypnotic dance of costumes. “All ready, let’s go on stage”! The lightness of chiffon and tulle. The sensuality of liquid satins. The punk soul of vegetable leather. Beams of light pulsate in that rock’ n’ roll. A vortex that changes the established rules. Thus, against the backdrop of a perpetual movement, the basic rule becomes that of the “upside down”: small pieces up and oversized pieces down. And viceversa. Strong vs delicate. Oversized shoes vs stiletto heels. Bustier belts and harnesses. In a colorful alternation that includes black, orange, white and red. The blue, the green and the lagoon. And then the inevitable cheetah and zebra animalier patterns. 

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