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Inna Elsie Luxury Robes Brand to Present a Fashion Show In Bel Air, CA

Sep 17, 2021

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24FASHION TV is excited to partner with Inna Elsie Luxury robes brand to present a fashion show In Bel Air, CA that is set to depict the brand’s focus on authenticity, creativity, and originality.

The Inna Elsie Luxury robes brand will be hosting its first-ever fashion show on September 25th, 2021 in a private property in Bel Air. The event is expected to have around 200 people lasting 3 hours, including doctors, business owners, media personalities, and celebrities. The event is an elegant show that shall endeavor to promote fashion and offer inspiration to all and sundry on reaching their desired goals. Guests expected; Liz Godwin(Sex and the City Star), Mandana, actress Nikki Giavasis, artist Farrah AbrahAm, artist Sophi L AbrAham, model Yuliya Lasmovich, musician Natasha Kojic, artist Candice, athlete Omar Bolden, celebrity hairstylist Farrah, model Jessica Nazarenus, model Bastiano Farran, designer Jeff Hamilton, model Anthia Mo.