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Oct 20, 2023


The 35 looks of the collection clearly express Marie-Christine Statzs minimalistic mood.The colour palette for Fall Winter 2022 is pared back to black, anthracite, navy, a dark burgundy, heather grey, sand and taupe.These toned-down hues are styled in monochrome looks with a pure intensity.The signature suiting continues to emphasise a wide shoulder but is shown with long narrow silhouettes. Coats, jackets, wide trousers and below the knee skirts are cut from three- dimensional fabrics such as coated or padded cotton, patent leather, double faced cashmere wool, pinstriped menswear wool and fuzzy tech yarns.The dresses range from long versions made of granular viscose with open v-neck back and a high slit, off-the-shoulder mini dresses made of moulin jersey to sharp-shoulder all-over sequin styles. Deconstructed denim is paired with versatile piped one shoulder tops.A blown-up blurry photo print on fluid silk adds a vibrant retro- softness.

The Fall Winter 2022 Dfil is held under the arcades of Rue de Rivoli in the neighbourhood of the GAUCHERE studio. For me it was very important to show this particular collection on the street. A joined experience, nothing secluded, says Marie-Christine Statz. While creating this season, Statz reflected how people instinctively choose their garments according to their mood, about the energy of the moment and the urge to voice it.

Our intuition is always in response to something. Be it the instinctive knowing of a certain state of a society. In this non- discursive process, a new point of view is created.

GAUCHERE is a French prt--porter house founded in 2013 by the designer Marie-Christine Statz. Her vision is to create garments that point out the individual.At the heart of GAUCHERE is the art of tailoring,the appreciation of materials as they are and the translation in pure geometric structures and sculptural volumes. Marie-Christines intuitive designs are expressing the mood of today while aiming for permanence and timelessness.

The GAUCHERE community is progressive. It is an active participant in todays society.Live and let live is not just a phrase for them but an attitude towards life.

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