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Litkovska. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion Week

Mar 1, 2023
Litkovska. FW 23/24. Paris Fashion Week

Litkovska. Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection On Air during Paris Fashion Week.

Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKA presents its Fall Winter 23/24 collection On Air

Paris, 1st March 2023____ In her new collection On Air, presented in the stunning historical halls of Le Grand Rex, designer Lilia Litkovska invites us into a new aesthetic reality of everyday luxury wear, whilst highlighting the beauty of the true self:

Staged in one of the worlds most famous movie theatres, On Air displays a constant exposure to cameras, phones and mirrors, making it common to put on a mask when facing the (social media) world.

Facing unimaginable horror since the russian full scale war started a year ago, Ukrainians cannot afford to put on these masks any longer. Instead, they show up simply as they are: The need to survive physically and emotionally has brought out their rawest selves. LITKOVSKA sees and honours the beauty of inner values and strength, of everyday life against all odds. Lilia Litkovska establishes chic in a raw and touching form, almost an industrial chic, celebrating the person for what one truly is when wearing and feeling the outfit, and expressing themselves in their truest form.

The On Air collection is completed by delicate accessories and jewellery in horse-form, a nod to the shepherds of the Carpathian Mountains and their tradition to shape little horses out of cheese as special gifts for children and as talisman for their loved ones. Symbolising community, craftsmanship, and protection, LITKOVSKA extends such blessings to the audience, the fashion industry and wearers of her pieces.

LITKOVSKA is a Ukrainian brand that, since its foundation in 2009, has continued to accrue international awards and has received recognition from the echelons of the fashion community. The works of the designer Lilia Litkovska are presented every season within the official schedule of Paris Fashion Week, where the brand delivers strong messages to represent modern Ukrainian fashion, cultural heritage, and identity.

Since the start of the russian full scale war against Ukraine in February 2022, Lilia Litkovska has found refuge in Paris and has been raising awareness of the plight of her people and home country to the wider international fashion community. Created under the constant hum of air sirens, missile attacks, blackouts, heating and water supply interruptions, logistic issues and fabric delays, the AW23/34 collection On Air - shown here at Paris Fashion Week - communicates resilience through every fibre and stitch.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Litkovska.

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