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Show Celia Kritharioti. FW 22/23 Couture Collection.

Oct 20, 2023
Show Celia Kritharioti. FW 22/23 Couture Collection.

Show Celia Kritharioti. FW 22/23 Couture Collection. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Time to sizzle.

In Paris in the 1920s, a breath of fresh air came to smooth the sorrow of the previous decade and give space to hope and optimism. Legendary artists, photographers, surrealist poets, dancers and singers set the foundations of the new era. The joy of life, liberation and empowerment and female emancipation take over and Paris dances to the rhythm of Les Annes Folles. A century later, the world has left sadness behind and dreams of a better future, more optimistic and more empathetic.

Celia Krithatiotis Couture Show for Winter 2022-2023 is inspired by the power and exuberance of the 1920s. Art deco references meet luxurious black, pearls and precious gold. The intricate handmade embroideries, a trademark of the designer, highlight the beauty of the female bust and the sparkles illuminate mini dresses, deux pieces and gowns. Velvet and handmade lace, silk tulle, organza and feathers are the canvas for the talent and creativity of Couturier to the stars.

Anna Dello Russo, Elsa Hosk, Leonie Hanne, and Marianne Fonseca all walk the catwalk for Celia Kritharioti for the first time. In the heart of Paris, at Monnaie de Paris, the new era will be extravagant and fabulous!

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