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Steven Passaro SS2023. Menswear. Paris Fashion Week

Oct 20, 2023
Steven Passaro SS2023. Menswear. Paris Fashion Week

Steven Passaro SS2023. Menswear. Paris Fashion Week



This season Steven Passaro joins the prestigious Paris Fashion Week Showroom Sphre for his second season in the official Parisian calendar.

It is from the book TThe Body Keeps the Score by Bassel Van der Kolk that Steven draws his inspiration for this new spring-summer 2023 collection.

A will for personal expression and collective consciousness about our modern lives.

Steven asks us and revolts: Are we really living?

(...)The brain can process only one emotion at a time, but our body keeps the score of everything unfelt. Like a blank canvas, from our birth, our unfelt emotions imprint throughout our life on our body(...)

Anger, fear, sadness, and joy embody respectively in red, grey, blue, and yellow. There is no good or bad with emotions there is just being with, them.

On a black tailored jacket, the red anger climbs and explodes, like it has been stopped until now.

The Sadness falls, from a long dress hand-dyed in shades of blue. Layers of sadness from forgotten memories or from the current state of humanity.

The fear shapes the leather, out of time, and takes the paralyzed body. No chances to move forward. The Joy manifest with the shines of the pleats, a solar energy, like a tailored jacket that we wear effortlessly.

What is interesting as humans, is we perceive the unpleasant emotions as negative, something that happens to us. But the Joy, we long for it, we want a life of pleasures. But fully living means accepting everything.

Drawing from his initial concepts, Passaro reaffirms the pillar that defines the identity of his signature tailoring. His obsession with the tailorings complexity takes a new shape and offers a new elegance in a denim version. The collection offers a living wardrobe that shapes the body for our day and night modern life.

Are you fully living invites us to live our strong and deep emotions in a constrained and restricted world that plays with freedom like an illusion.

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Photos: Press Steven Passaro - Caroline Charles Communication

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