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Oct 20, 2023

On Wednesday 7th, the Spanish couture designer, Juana Martin, has been invited by the city of Malaga to show her Spring-Summer 23 "Origins" at the Hotel NH Collection Madison Avenue during a private cocktail. 

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Born and raised in Andalousia, it's like an evidence that the city of Mlaga invited the most talented fashion designer of the region to present her last collection in New-York city to the North American press. 

This Fashion Collection Inspired by the Enchanting City of Mlaga, step into the vibrant world of fashion with this Juana Martin latest collection unveiled in the heart of New York. 

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Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking city of Mlaga, nestled along the European coastline like a radiant gem, this collection embodies the essence of one of Southern Europe's most glamorous and culturally rich destinations. With a history spanning over 3500 years, Mlaga stands as a testament to the legacy of the Mediterranean's most iconicity of light and color. The city of Malaga brings to this collection echoes of greatness, having been the hometown of artists as Picasso, nurturing the creative spirit. 

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Juana Martin indulges your senses as you explore the collection's masterful fusion of intricate designs, luxurious fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail. From the sun-kissed hues reminiscent of the Malaga's radiant glow to the captivating silhouettes that embody the vivacity of their streets, this collection encapsulates the essence of modern-day opulence.

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